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"Nadav Peled is one of the very finest young guitarists playing jazz I have heard in a long time.
He has it all: sound, concept, expressiveness, technical mastery and great ears. He has a great
foundation in the history of jazz and the tools needed to go forward. He is poised to make a
great contribution to jazz guitar and to jazz music!"
Peter Bernstein

Picked up the guitar at age 11 and has been devoted ever since to honing his craft and creating music.

After showing his early talents on classical guitar, Nadav was fascinated with rock music and switched to the electric guitar at the age of 14. By the age of 17 he had already recorded a progressive rock album that was hailed by the genres' connoisseurs, played at the "Barby" Club, Israel's biggest rock music venue, participated in MATAN workshop- a jazz camp for select young musicians and has received numerous scholarships including two from Berklee College of Music (Boston).

Deciding on Jazz as a main musical interest at age 19, Nadav received a scholarship to attend the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (NYC) and moved to New York where he had the chance to study with such notable musicians as- Junior Mance, Peter Bernstein, Charli Persip, and Jack Wilkins among others and performed at famous clubs such as- Sweet Rhythm and Fat Cat.

During a brief hiatus in his native country of Israel he has received the America-Israel Culture Fund's "Excellence in Jazz Guitar" award, played with top Israeli musicians such as Yuval Cohen (3 Cohens) and Erez Barnoy as well as versing himself with other musical styles including Reggae, Funk and Ethiopian music. Nadav collaborated with Reggae super group- Zvuloon Dub System with which he has performed in nearly every venue/festival in Israel and also toured Cyprus. He was also the musical arranger for Beit Avi-Chai "Siged" celebration of Ethiopian music and culture commissioned by the Jerusalem Municipality.

Nowadays, Nadav is back in NYC playing with some of the best musicians on the scene today and working on his debut album.


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